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Stand up for life Madagascar

The Casa della Speranza / House of Hope project becomes part of Busajo

Starting April 2nd, 2023 the beautiful “Stand up For Life Madagascar” Project, which through the House of Hope, officially inaugurated this year on February 15th, offers to about 200 children a meal a day, medical assistance and education, has joined Busajo NGO. We warmly welcome all the wonderful Malagasy boys and girls as well as Valentina Bargelli, founder and contact person, who has become a member of Busajo and will continue to follow and coordinate the project.

The canteen, medical visits, schooling, health education sessions on essential hygiene standards and remote support will therefore continue to be supported and guaranteed.

The new Stand Up For Life path with Busajo NGO provides for an enrichment of the educational program aimed at educating young users of the Canteen and we are sure that the House of Hope and its projects will be able to further develop and reach important goals.