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The Volunteer Project involves the creation of a group that will engage in a training-experiential field for two weeks through a path of personal growth.

The volunteer encounters a different world, that of the street children of Soddo, Ethiopia, relating to them and coming into contact with another culture, acquiring the basis for being able to observe the reality that surrounds him/her from other perspectives.

The aim is to excite and make aware those young people who want to experience a different path towards the perception that another lifestyle is possible. The experience in a group allows you to acquire and share emotions all together. The group is accompanied by a tutor, who will train the volunteers on site, helping them to find tools, in order to enhance their experience.

The project is aimed at all young people aged between 18 and 26 and will take place at Busajo Campus in the city of Soddo, in the Wolayta region of Ethiopia, approximately from 20 July to 4 August 2024 (two weeks).

The group will be accommodated in the main building that hosts the children and will fully share their daily life, participating in their activities, helping them with their studies, sharing meals, offering moments of play and entertainment, which become important occasions to establish relationships and live together.

The volunteers will also collaborate with the educational staff and actively participate in small activities aimed at the maintenance of the Campus.

To register: you must send a brief CV, then participate in a preliminary and selective interview. After the registration, volunteers are required to participate in 3 training meetings, very important to get to know the other participants and start to build the group, to understand the experience that they will face, to plan the activities and to get information on the precautions to be taken.

The volunteer is asked to leave with the open state of mind of experiencing something new, being respectful, humbly knowing how to listen and observe, wishing to: get involved, start up relationships, be part of a group and work as a team, give and receive emotions, make your personal skills available, compare notes.

A basic knowledge of the English language is recommended.

The trip cost is of around 1,300 euros (air ticket, entry visa and health insurance).
The other costs such as food and accommodation, training and local transfers are covered by Busajo NGO.

For registration and information:
+39 055 264293 Alessandra Raspini at the Florence office (Mon – Fri 9:00 – 13:00)
+39 338 7473815 Barbara Montanarini responsible for the volunteer project
or contact us via

Registrations are open until Saturday 3 February 2024.