We are pleased to announce the first edition of a tennis tournament organized in favor of the Busajo Onlus association which operates in Soddo, in southern Ethiopia, developing and supporting projects where child poverty is greatest and the needs most urgent and where actions allow measurable progress in the path of self-sufficiency for the populations involved. Busajo Onlus concentrates its interventions in non-welfare projects, which tend to make the recipients permanently autonomous, above all by investing in their cultural, educational and professional growth.

In this first edition there will be only one single men’s open scoreboard and the tournament will take place during the month of May with a first / second place final game and a third / fourth place final game on Saturday 8 June at the Tennis Club in Prato.
The cost of the fields for the two finals is included in the registration fee, while the burden of setting the other matches on the board and paying the fields is at the expense of the challengers.

The game board will be drawn up once the registrations are completed.

The deadline for each match to be played will be indicated and each pair of players has the burden of setting it taking into account the needs of both.
The winner will be responsible for informing the organization of the result.

In case of impossibility to play, the player who did not make himself available to the game and / or did not show up at the scheduled appointment will lose by forfeit.
In case of impossibility to set and / or to play the game, the players must immediately notify the organization, clearly indicating the reasons for the impediment.
The organization reserves the right to assign the victory by forfeit to the player who will be most committed to overcome the impediments and has done everything possible to play the match.

The matches of the tournament will be played at the club chosen by mutual agreement between the challengers, while the final of the third and fourth place will be played at the Tennis Club Prato (central field 1) at 9 am on June 8th and then (not before 11 am) the tournament final match.

At the end of the games (not before 1 pm): lunch with all the players of the tournament, friends, family and supporters of Busajo Onlus.

Following the tournament awards.

In case of bad weather, the final day scheduled on June 8th will be postponed to another later date.

The registration fees will be donated 100% to Busajo Onlus association and will be liberal donations in all respects. For this reason, in case of payment by bank transfer, credit card, Paypal or check, it will be possible to deduct the expense in the tax return, according to the provisions of the law. The receipt will be sent via email directly by the association within February 2020.
Please write Registration Busajo Open 2019 in the reason of the payment.
All costs related to the organization (prizes, fields, catering, etc.) will be borne by the sponsors.
The fee for each player is set at 50 euros and includes:
– Tournament registration
– 20 euro gift card to spend in one of the 210 Giunti al Punto bookshops in Italy
– Lunch at the Prato Tennis Club for the final game on 8 June
– Cost of the camp for the finals.
The fee for each escort / supporter is set at 30 euro and includes:
– 20 euro gift card to spend in one of the 210 Giunti al Punto bookshops in Italy
– Lunch at the Prato Tennis Club for the final game on 8 June
If the supporter / companion is under 16 years of age the fee is set at 10 euro and includes:
– Lunch at the Prato Tennis Club for the final game on 8 June
Children under 3 years are welcome guests

To register as a player or as a simple supporter, it is necessary to fill out the application form and send it via e-mail to together with proof of the payment of the relevant fee.

You can also download the application form directly here on our website and you can proceed with the payment as follows:

– with Paypal




– by bank transfer to Associazione Busajo Onlus – Banca Ifigest C / c 1-023584-4 – Iban: IT75F0318502800000010235844 – Florence Branch 1 – Piazza Santa Maria Soprarno, 1 – 50125 Florence (FI)

– in cash directly to the organizers

The registration for the players ends on April 12th.
The registrations for the escorts / supporters will end on May 26th.

Sabrina Bosi +39 0555062256
Jacopo Gori +39 3315736534
Associazione Busajo Onlus +39 055264293